IP and Services Partners

Arasan Arasan Chip Systems based in San Jose, CA, USA, is a world-leading supplier of SoC Intellectual Property Solutions, with a successful 15 year track record. Arasan delivers technology-leading IP focused on Bus Interfaces such as MIPI, SDIO, USB, PCIe, Ethernet, and Flash Storage Solutions of NAND, eMMC, SD, CF+, UFS and more, to the global electronics market. Arasan's Total Solution approach starts with Technology Consulting using our domain expertise and includes all the building blocks required for technology adoption- RTL IP cores, Verification IP, Analog Mixed Signal IP Cores, Portable Software Drivers / Stacks, Protocol Test & Analyzers, HDK's, and associated design services. Arasan Total IP Solution enables the rapid adoption of emerging technologies reducing our customers' time to market while minimizing risk and ensuring compliance to respective standards.

ArterisArteris is a start-up based in Paris, France and San Jose, California, U.S.A. The company's focus is on the next-generation of challenges associated with System-on-Chip (SoC) design: on-chip communications, or Network-on-Chip (NoC). Arteris NoC Solution consists of the Danube Intellectual Property Library and a suite of design tools for configuring and implementing the IP library as synthesizable RTL. The Danube Intellectual Property Library contains a set of configurable building blocks managing all on-chip communications between IP cores in SoC designs.

criticalblueCriticalBlue delivers Cascade, an embedded system design tool that synthesizes optimized programmable coprocessors to accelerate embedded software within FPGAs, structured ASICs and platform SoCs. Cascade analyzes executable software code to identify functions to be offloaded from the main processor onto a coprocessor. It then automatically creates coprocessor architecture and implementation options to achieve the requisite performance, area and power trade-offs. Cascade minimizes project risk and development time by leveraging the existing design tools and infrastructure. Cascade is used by both semiconductor and system design companies.

frobasFrobas was founded in 2003 and offers support for silicon and electronic developments from idea to prototype. Frobas offers expertise for the complete development flow. Focus areas include solutions for complex verification tasks in chip design, driven by a unique team concept, well suited verification concepts and modern verification methodologies. Another focus is the development of complex solutions in power electronics from concept to implementation of hardware and firmware. In this area our solutions and expertise span from AC/DC and DC/DC for lighting applications, power supplies and inverters to motor control for industrial and automotive applications.

hdlabsHD Lab is focused on developing comprehensive services and products in the areas of HDL design phase of ASIC and IC design. HD Lab offers services in 3 major areas: EDA Knowledge, Design Knowledge and Design Methodology The company is based in Shin-Yokohama, Japan and has been serving customers in both Japan and United States . HD Lab works closely with the Semiconductor Technology Academic Research Center (STARC) and licenses their design rules and guidelines. HD Lab has partnered with Atrenta to automate these guidelines as design rules that enable engineers to follow the STARC design practices.

inomizeInomize is the largest Israeli ASIC solutions company and a leading provider of turnkey ASIC and SOC designs. Utilizing proven methodologies, Inomize achieve a first time right design in minimal time, with the highest level of quality. Inomize specializes in managing complete complex ASIC projects, starting at the definition stage, architecture, algorithm, documentation, reviews, digital design coding, analog, RF design, synthesis and implementation. Our comprehensive expertise in semiconductors, CPU sub-system, algorithms, modems, wireless, video, analog and RF qualifies us as your ideal consultant in ASIC and algorithms Design Services. Inomize offering a unique business module to startup companies reducing the development time and the risk that usually involved in such projects.

ipextremeIPextreme is leading a revolution in the semiconductor industry by bringing high-value, silicon-proven intellectual property (IP) from large semiconductor companies to System-on-Chip designers worldwide. Through IPextreme, semiconductor companies execute their outbound IP licensing strategies without the cost and diversion of investing in non-core areas. The full value of their IP assets are realized by providing product managers a strategy to advance their chip sales, and their IP development teams a means to convert their cost centers to profit centers. For IP buyers, IPextreme delivers production-proven IP that can be targeted to any foundry and is packaged for easy integration using any EDA design flow with our patent-pending XPack IP packaging technology.

rachipRachip is a leading company for development services in the semiconductor industry. Professional solutions are provided by a group of 100 expert Engineers and Project Managers that are located in two Development Centers in Israel. Rachip specializes in providing ASIC / FPGA, Verification, RTL Design, System-C modeling, System Validation, Layout, CAD, Board Design, SW/FW/RT, SoC services for the semiconductor industry. All while using advanced methodologies, a variety of development languages and in-depth knowledge standard protocols. Amongst Rachip's list of distinguished clients are leading companies that benefit from support, development and services that are based on the Near Shore model, bringing with it the benefits of professional work over a span of time, geographical closeness and proven budgetary efficiency.

SiCAD SiCAD, Inc., provides a unique Cloud-based Silicon Design Platform comprised of industry standard EDA tools, Silicon IP, FPGA and Foundry solutions, in an integrated, scalable and secure environment. SiCAD's Silicon Design Platform extends customers' design environment. It allows them to quickly configure and access hardware infrastructure, EDA tools, and IP from multiple vendors on a single heterogeneous platform for secure access to their engineers worldwide, in a scalable manner. Leveraging the Cloud, SiCAD addresses the critical issue of effectively managing peak usage demand, as well as increasing design productivity by allowing on-demand access to tools and infrastructure, thus converting your CapEx into OpEx. Customers across the board benefit from the SiCAD Platform by gaining instant access to Partner technology and information, product evaluations, and pay-as-you go design tools and infrastructure for their chip design needs.

sonics Sonics is a leading provider of intelligent interconnect solutions that manage the on-chip communications in Systems-on-a-Chip (SoC) devices. The company's SMART Interconnect solutions manage complex on-chip communications such as those resulting from the convergence of video, voice and data processing on a SoC. SMART Interconnect solutions combine advanced fabrics and optionally data flow services that replace the need for SoC developers to design, verify and maintain similar complex functions on their own. Sonics' suite of products consists of highly flexible semiconductor intellectual property ("IP") that our customers configure to create customized on-chip communications micronetworks.

TensilicaNow owned by Cadence Design Systems, Tensilica is known as the leader and major innovator in configurable processor technology, with multiple patents on its easy-to-use automated processor design systems that let designers quickly and accurately modify the processor and it's companion software development and system modeling tools with exactly the configuration options and application-specific instructions needed. Tensilica's processors are the engines in system-on-chip (SOC) designs. Tensilica solutions allow designers to create lower power, higher performance hardware and software for their chip designs.

Veriest Veriest Venture is an international leading design house providing forefront ASIC and FPGA design and verification solutions. In addition to the services provided, Veriest develops the Vtool - a GUI based verification platform that generates complete running verification environment in just a few clicks. Veriest was founded in 2007 in Tel Aviv, Israel by a group of VLSI experts credited with rooted knowledge and experience in the field of ASIC and FPGA design. The company has two design centers located in Tel Aviv, Israel and Belgrade, Serbia. Our family of customers includes leading companies across the semiconductor fabless and electronic systems industries. We have made it our mission to provide our customers with complete quality solutions suited to the various phases of a product's life cycle.