Customers and Testomonials

orise "At Orise Tech, we specialize in development of Flat Panel Display drivers and controllers. Our customers demand the highest quality ICs with the latest technology on a regular basis. SpyGlass provides an efficient working environment for design analysis and debug, greatly improving our designers' productivity."

Chia-Yuan Chang
Vice President of R&D
Orise Technology

kodak "At Kodak Alaris, we specialize in providing innovative imaging products to our customers on a frequent basis. Productivity is key to meeting our schedules. With SpyGlass advanced CDC checks, we not only meet our schedules for complex designs, but we do it with higher confidence."

Victor Hannak
Design and Verification Engineer
Kodak Alaris

mediatek "At Mediatek, we are committed to very high test coverage to ensure the highest possible quality products. By adding SpyGlass DFT to our workflow, we have seen increases in our test coverage while finding problems very early in our flow. This has allowed us to meet our test quality goals, aggressive schedules and customer demands."

Andrew Chang
Corporate Vice President

Sonics "At Sonics, we are committed to the highest quality standards for our IP. By adding SpyGlass Constraints to our fully automated verification environment, we will be able to provide our customers the peace of mind that goes with our joint quality effort."

Chien-Chun (Joe) Chou
Vice President of Engineering

altera "BugScope is an important part of Altera's robust coverage-driven functional verification methodology. BugScope allows us to generate numerous high-quality assertions so we can quickly enhance our tests to reach the highest levels of functional and assertion coverage for our designs."

Jeff Fox
Principal verification architect
Altera Corporation

STM We have three designs in advanced phase of development that rely on inserting memory test with the SpyGlass MBIST solution. This automatic solution becomes necessary in devices having huge proliferation of memory instances, as our applications require improving efficiency/lead time in our DFT design flow."

Angelo Oldani
Design Director for the Communication Infrastructure Division

Atheros "The Atrenta SpyGlass CDC product provides detailed clock domain synchronization checking, useful for external IP and IP integration verification. We are pleased to adopt this EDA tool to assist us with product development efficiencies."

Rick Bahr
Vice President of Engineering

entropic "BugScope automatically generates high quality assertions which capture the functional constraints in our RTL, and the tool also identifies the coverage holes we need to patch in our simulation testbench. By utilizing the BugScope assertion synthesis product as part of our functional verification flow, we are able to find corner-case bugs and ensure the success of our projects."

Bill Lind
Director of Engineering
Entropic Communications, Inc.

fujitsu "Atrenta's SpyGlass CDC product is critical in helping us avoid design iterations and general risks associated with our complex designs. We have been very impressed by the comprehensive solution offered by SpyGlass CDC, which allows us to quickly identify real problems in our clock networks at the earliest possible point in the design flow..."

Raimund Soenning
Manager Hardware Development - Graphics Competence Center
Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe

LG "Our advanced digital television chips require automated assembly and sophisticated I/O support. We are pleased with the results we have seen so far using Atrenta's [GenSys]. We plan to use the product for automated assembly and I/O configuration on our latest designs."

Dr. Kang, Yong-Seok
Principal Engineer of Design Technology Part
LG Electronics

STM "The integration of Atrenta's SpyGlass MBIST solution in our front-end design kit has automated ST's proprietary embedded memory test and repair capabilities at RTL. The solution not only allows early and faster validation at RTL, but also allows timing optimization of the complete RTL with memory BIST where area impact is known early."

Frederic Grandvaux
Memory Test Solutions Manager within Central CAD & Design Solutions

tsmc "TSMC places high importance on the quality of deliverables from our IP ecosystem. We have worked closely with Atrenta to refine the process of validating the delivered quality of soft IP from our ecosystem partners. The capability we are now putting into production is expected to provide valuable information regarding soft IP quality for our end customers."

Suk Lee
Director, Design Infrastructure Marketing Division

Mentor "Mentor is dedicated to providing the best possible low-power design and verification tools to drive our customer's success. The cooperation with Atrenta is significant for Mentor and our customers to make sure that power issues get resolved early in the design cycle."

Eric Selosse
Vice President and General Manager, Mentor Emulation Division
Mentor Graphics

renesas "By using SpyGlass-Power for RTL level analysis and efficient clock gating, we were able to reduce power by up to 40% in our wireless chip."

Akira Denda
Department Manager, Device Platform Development Department 1st SoC Operations Unit

nvidia "Following our rigorous process to ensure that the assertions and coverage properties BugScope generated were of high quality, Nvidia qualified BugScope as part of its functional verification methodology. We look forward to expanding adoption of BugScope across our GPU designs."

Dan Smith
Director of Hardware Engineering
Nvidia Corporation

PLX "BugScope offers a unique technology that creates high valued assertions and enables our ABV flow."

Jordan Silver
Engineering Director
PLX Technology, Inc.

stm (STMicroelectronics) had been looking for a design environment ... focusing initially on architectural-level power analysis, estimation and management, and subsequently on top-down timing budgeting. We were very happy to discover a clear vision match with Atrenta's [GenSys] product."

Philippe Magarshack
Vice President for Central CAD & Design Solutions

Starc Logo "Atrenta's latest release of power and deep submicron test solutions for RTL power estimation, reduction and verification offer the right answer to address today's complex design challenges. The version 5.0 of the STARCAD-CEL Reference Flow includes Atrenta's SpyGlass Power and SpyGlass DFT DSM solutions, enabling our customers to find killer bugs and implement low power design strategies while saving multiple iterations of synthesis and tens of hours of power simulations at the gate level."

Nobuyuki Nishiguchi
Vice President and General Manager, R&D Department-2

tsmc "The soft IP9000 program has already had a positive impact on the delivered quality of soft IP for TSMC's customers. The addition of physical implementation information and formal lint analysis will further enhance the effectiveness of the program. The beta test program went very smoothly. IP Kit 2.0 installed easily and ran with minimal issues during the beta test period for our selected soft IP alliance partners."

Suk Lee
Senior Director, Design Infrastructure Marketing Division

Tieto "Atrenta's SpyGlass enables us to gauge quickly the quality of incoming RTL designs from our customers, reduce risks (e.g. effort and time) and then plan project resources and timelines accordingly. For our complex SoC designs, the clock domain crossing [CDC] capabilities in SpyGlass have proven to be mission critical."

Rudolf Krumenacker
Head of Embedded Systems Design

Fujitsu "With verification taking as much as 70% of total design cycle time, we believe that verification at the early stages of design can provide significant improvement in productivity. With SpyGlass AuoVerify, we were able to identify deeper RTL issues using formal technologies which are hard-to-find using basic linting or a simulation based methodology. SpyGlass AutoVerify enables us to check 'RTL activation status,' such as checking dead code, FSM deadlocks, unreachable states, static registers and initialized values of registers."

Yuji Yoshitani
Senior Engineer, Development Dept.II, System Logic Development Center
Fujitsu Kyushu Network Technologies Limited

arasan "Atrenta's SpyGlass platform has been instrumental in helping us reach the stringent quality goals we set for our broad IP portfolio."

Chandan Egbert
Senior Director of Engineering

"Developing assertions manually was a slow process. It took us roughly 8 man-hours to write and debug each assertion...In contrast, the BugScope assertion synthesis does all this automatically, in about 6 minutes, which is a time savings of about 80x"

Semiconductor Designer
Deepchip/ESNUG 484