Atrenta Hardware/OS Platform Support (June 2015)

Updated on 24th June, 2015     View Legacy Platform Support Page



Hardware Platform OS OS Versions SpyGlass 5.5.0
(Jun 2015)
GenSys 5.5.0
(Jun 2015)
BugScope 5.5.0
(Jun 2015)
Intel x86-64 RHEL 5.0 up to 5.10 green green green
6.0 up to 6.5 green green green
SLES 10 up to 10 SP4 green green green
11 up to 11 SP2 green green green
CENTOS 5.4 green green green
6.4 green green green
UBUNTU 14.04 LTS green green green


NOTE: For best results while using the Graphical User Interface (GUI), it is recommended that you use 16-bit color depth and a minimum resolution of 1024x768.
NOTE: Under certain conditions SpyGlass Physical may be incompatible with some SLES platforms.
NOTE: SGLIB compiled on a version of RHEL platform does not work on an earlier version of RHEL platform. For example, SGLIB compiled on RHEL 5.0 does not work on RHEL 4.0.



Hardware Platform OS OS Versions SpyGlass 5.5.0/GenSys 5.5.0/BugScope 2014060x
(Jun 2015)
Flexlm v
Intel x86 and x86-64
(both 32 bit and 64 bit)
RHEL 5 green
6 green
SLES 10 green
11 green
CENTOS 5.4 green
6.4 green
UBUNTU 14.04 LTS green
Sun Sparc 32-bit and 64-bit Solaris 10 green


Note: Flexlm version 11.10, Flexlm version 11.7, and Flexlm version 9.5 are available on demand. Contact Atrenta Support for details.