The complete solution for power optimization at RTL

SpyGlass Power Resources

With the SpyGlass® Power solution, users can optimize their design for lower consumption and higher efficiency at RTL. SpyGlass Power constitutes a power exploration environment which provides early information about power consumption, power efficiency but also guidance on where and how power can be reduced. SpyGlass Power not only detects, but can also automatically fix key power management issues and formally prove the changes are correct. SpyGlass Power also helps users manage the complexity of multiple power and voltage domains and exhaustively verifies power intent defined in UPF.

Verify, estimate and reduce - SpyGlass Power does it all.

SpyGlass Power includes an intuitive design and diagnostic environment called Power Explorer which combines detailed power metrics, diagrams and schematics visualizations. Users can easily identify design issues along with suggestions that present the best trade-offs between power gains and design complexity.

Traditional approaches address power analysis and optimization at the gate level, making changes and verification more difficult. SpyGlass Power, in contrast, enables users to improve power characteristics of their design during RTL creation, when the impact is greatest and the cost of modification is lowest. The result is a shortened development cycle, reduced cost and improved power consumption of the finished product.

The Methodology

SpyGlass Power Flow

Atrenta's SpyGlass solution methodology provides a structured, easy to use and a comprehensive method for solving RTL design issues, thereby ensuring high quality RTL optimized for power.

Features & Benefits