From time-to-time, Atrenta may decide that the continued support and enhancement of a particular product is not in the best business interest of the Company. When this occurs, Atrenta will begin an end-of-life (EOL) process for this product. The goal of Atrenta's EOL process is to provide our valued customers with ample lead time concerning this decision so that each customer may transition from its use of the EOL product to an acceptable alternative.



Note regarding licensing of EOL products: If, at the time of the EOL Announcement Date, a customer's time-based license for the EOL product has less than fourteen months remaining, the customer may, at its sole discretion, purchase an extension to its license of the EOL product to cover up to fourteen months from the EOL Announcement Date. Atrenta will provide a pro-rated price for this license based on its then current Price List.